Convertible Pedicure Massage Chair with Hidden Spa NEW

Sale price$3,350


New Design perfect for compact spaces with a retractable foot spa!

Save space compared to other pedicure chairs!

  • Luxury leather Spa Pedicure Chair with a reclining back, wooden arm rests on both sides with expanding side trays for your personal items.
  • On and off switch is located on the side of the chair.
  • Includes a comfortable pillow with Velcro attachments to the top of the chair which can be used or turned over whichever you prefer.
  • Has a footrest at the bottom which comes with a control for an up and down option.
  • Four sets of Kneading and Rolling massagers are present at different levels in the back of the chair for your neck and back, and also a vibration option on the seat for stimulation. Comes with a remote control to manage those massage functions, the massage control remote slips into a side pocket for easy storage, the remote control has an extendable lead.
  • The position of the chair can be adjusted via the controller, forwards and backwards of the seat and back of the seat can recline down or incline up for your comfort.
  • Hot and cold water can be used in the pedicure section and comes with a hot and cold mixer control nozzle.
  • Pedicure section includes two taps for hot and cold water and this also controls the pressure

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