10W Hot Glue Gun Suits 7mm Glue Sticks

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A mini glue gun to have in the workshop, crafting area, toolbox or office. After a short warm-up time, simply squeeze the trigger to control the glue feed. A handy stand swings out to help avoid the hot end from touching the bench. Suitable for toys and models, decorations, furniture, woodwork, cardboard, etc. Mains powered and supplied with two 7mm glue sticks to get you started straight away. 
Note: For intermittent use only (Not for production use).
• 10W
• Mains Powered
• 7mm Glue Sticks
• 5-7 Minutes Preheat Time:
• 6-8g per Minute Glue Flow Rate
• Colourful Design
Internal or Sub-part Dimensions
Dimension details Glue Stick
Diameter 7.2mm
Mains powered
Max Input Power 10W
Mains Voltage Range 240V
Product Dimensions
Width 125mm
Height 110mm
Depth 25mm
Weight 170g
Cable length 1.3m

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