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2 Channel Mixer with Microphone Preamp


The preamplifier takes your standard microphone level and boosts it for compatibility with line-level inputs. It provides the option of independent channels (mic 1 to left, mic 2 to right output), or mixing (both inputs are mixed to left and right outputs). In either case there’s adjustable volume control for both microphones. Extremely versatile with simple operation. RCA output and mains power supply included.

- 2 x microphone inputs (6.4mm)
- Volume control for each input
- Stereo RCA output
- Screw mount holes
- Mic Pre-Amplifier Gain: 50dB

Product Dimensions
Width 145mm
Height 31mm
Weight 207g
Depth 96mm
Audio Amplifier
Input Impedence 600Ω
Signal to Noise Ratio 80dB
Power from Plugpack
DC Plugpack Voltage 12V
DC Current Draw 0.5A
Warranty: 12 Months