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2 in 1 Network Cable Tester and Digital Multimeter



This innovative device is ideal for network installers or technicians and will allow the user to easily check cable integrity or measure AC & DC voltage, current, resistance, and continuity etc. without needing to carry two separate devices. The unit will check for cable continuity, open-circuits, short-circuits, and cross-connects etc. A remote terminator is included and enables the user to check network cables at a wall jack or patch panel. Supplied with loop back cable, LAN terminator, and multimeter leads.
LAN tester specifications:
* LAN tester checks faults & miss wired conductors
* Manual or automatic testing
Measures Voltage DC
DC Voltage Ranges 200mV,2V,20V,200V,600V
DC Voltage Accuracy 0.5%
Measures Voltage AC
AC Voltage Ranges 200mV,2V,20V,200V,600V
AC Voltage Accuracy 1.2%
Measures Current DC
DC Current Ranges 2mA,20mA,200mA
DC Current Accuracy 1.5%
Measures Current AC
AC Current Ranges 2mA,20mA,200A
AC Current Accuracy 2%
Measures Resistance
Resistance Ranges 200Ω,2kΩ,20kΩ,200kΩ
Resistance Accuracy 0.8%
Meter Safety Rating
Safety Rating Cat Cat III
Safety Rating Max Volt 600V
Product Dimensions
Depth 44mm
Length 162mm
Width 74.5mm
Digital Multi-Meter
Optical Sensor  N
Measures dwell
True RMS
Count / Maximum Reading 3pc
Measures duty cycle
Meter Data Control
Records Minimum N
Records Maximum
Data Hold
Relative Measure
Meter PC Interface
DMM Control from PC
Measures Continuity
Continuity buzzer
Measures Temperature
Measures in Kelvin
Measures in Celcius
Measures in Fahrenheit
Meter Probes
Probe Type High Grade Meter Probes
Connection to meter Shrouded 4mm Banana Plug
Meter Input Impedence 10MΩ
Input Protection Fuse 200mA
Measures diode  Y
Meter Display
Display Type LCD
Warranty: 9999 Months
Special terms or exclusions: Lifetime Warranty