240V Wireless Controller Switch to Suit Home Automotion

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A wireless remote control relay that will allow control of up to 240VAC devices wirelessly. The module is designed to be hardwired to a 230VAC source, which then connect up to devices such as lighting, mains switches and appliances which can then be controlled wirelessly. Turn lights on and off, motors, heaters, and air-conditioning via the home automation main controller or input devices such as PIR, Reed Switches, key fob remote controllers and temperature sensors.

*Note: A licensed electrician is highly recommended to hard wire this device into 240V mains wiring.

•    Voltage input: 240VAC
•    Output: NO or NC
•    Maximum Load: 10A @ 240V
•    Protocol: UIS ZigBee® Pro

Product Dimensions
Width 132mm
Height 27mm
Depth 67mm
Input AC
AC Contact Voltage 240V
AC Contact Current Rating 10A

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