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Our Shade Sail offers maximum UV protection for your family and guest from the strong summer sunlight rays, allowing more usable entertainment and pool area. The shade cloth is constructed of HEAVY DUTY polyethylene to block 95% of the sunlight giving you a cool environment during your outdoor event in summer. The stainless steel fixings will protect the fabric and guarantee many more years to come. Our Shade Sail is an affordable alternative to the tradition pergola or any expensive building renovations.

• Heavy Duty 280g/m2 fabric to last for years
• Webbed perimeter edging
• 8mm stainless steel rings at every corner
• Blocks over 95% UV
• Breathable material to reduce temperature
• Increase your outdoor play area
• Fold away for storage and transportation
• Color: Sand
• Triangular Dimension: 3x5m

*These come only with the triangular corner hooks which are already attached to the shade sail.*
*They are water resistant to an extent only and not waterproof*

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