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2x Logo Ghost Shadow Projector Courtesy Laser LED Light for HONDA

$25.00 $39.90

1. This light do not need bore a hole. And the projected image is the logo of the car.

2. This unit fits directly to the lower section of the front door and is wired into the interior lighting circuit, it is operated when the door is opened, very simple and effective.

3. Do not need to change the route, and do not need to buy the harness and without decoding. Just remove the originally light and then install the welcome lights on.

4. 3D Laser light of illuminated entry system.

5. No pollution, no noise, no electronic interference, waterproof and dustproof design. Durable and non-fading brilliant beams.

· 100% brand new.
· Voltage: DC12V.
· Wattage: 5W/pc
· Material: ABS+ Aluminum alloy .
· Color Temperature: 7000K.
· Working Temperature: -40? to +150?.

Package Includes:

2 x Honda Car Logo Light