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2x Logo Ghost Shadow Projector Courtesy Laser LED Light for Toyota

$25.00 $39.90


---Installation is simple,Directly replace the original car door lights , no drilling, no wiring, no disassemblying, no damage to your Car.

--Waterproof and dustproof design.Durable and non- fading brilliant beams. No pollution, no noise, no electronic interference.

--When the door is opened, the Toyota Logo is illuminated onto the open door surface to provide a light to aid entry into and out of the vehicle.

--The package contains 2 pieces lights , if you want for 4 car doors, you need to get the 2 Pair .

Voltage: 9V-24V
Output power: 5W
Material: ABS+Aluminum alloy

Package Includes:
2x Logo Door Lights for Toyota.