3.5 2TB Surveillance HDD

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This 2tb digital drives are built for 24/7 always on surveillance. They are drop in replacements for desktop drives which aren't designed for the harsh always-on high-definition surveillance environment. This range has been specifically engineered for a high level of compatibility with DVR systems and are equipped with AllFrame technology which reduuces frame loss, improves playback and increases number of drive bays supported.

Product Dimensions
Height 26.1mm
Length 147mm
Weight 640g
Width 101.6mm
Memory Products
Type of Memory Hard Disk Drive
Memory Capacity 2TB
Hard Drives
HDD Form Factor 3.5"
HDD Rotation speed 5400RPM
Connectivity SATA3 6 Gb/s
Buffer Cache 64MB
Idle Acoustics 23dB
Seek acoustics 24dB
Read/write power 4.4W
Low Power Idle 4.1W
Standby power 0.4W
Sleep Power 0.4W
Operating Temperature 0°C-65°C
Warranty: 12 Months

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