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38” Guitar with Bag Blue Purple Red Black Natural

$69.99 $99.99

Quit procrastinating and start playing. If you’re been holding back learning how to play the guitar, now is as good a time to start with our auditorium-size Acoustic Guitar.





The combination of tone woods give the Acoustic Guitar plenty of acoustical and tonal qualities to sound good with every strum. The auditorium size also makes for easy and comfortable holding for players with smaller builds.

You can also purchase an optional set of accessories which includes a clip-on electronic tuner for fast and easy tuning, capo for instant change of pitch,picks,pickguard,Shoulder Strap,extra six steel strings and a handy guitar stand. 



38" auditorium acoustic guitar

Beautiful wood construction

Sleek lacquer finish

Narrow waist design

Great tone balance

Carry bag for easy transportation



Brand Tune Master

Body material: Laminated linden

Colour: Natural Wood/ Blue/ Black/Purple/Red

Dimension: 96x36x8.5cm


Package Content:

(1) Acoustic Guitarx1

(2) Carry Bagx1