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4 Way IP66 Marine Switch Panel

$94.00 $99.99

These units feature the attractive tactile rocker switches that are common on luxury Australian and foreign made motor cruisers. They are pre-wired as much as possible, with wiring connections made via standard spade terminals for ease. The 4 way panel measures 120H x 130W and the 6 way 130W x 170H. Both require about 80mm of space behind the mounting bulkhead. The 4 way has 6,10,15 & 20A rated circuit breakers and the 6 way has 6,6,10,10,15 & 20A breakers, and the switches feature LED illumination to let you know which circuit is active. Moulded from ABS plastic, black in colour.

Multiple Switch Gang / Bank
Number of Switches 4pc
Individual Circuit Breakers 6A
Electromechanical Switch
Switch Type Rocker
Throws / Positions 1pos
Switch Connection Spade Terminals
Switch Colour Coded Black
Mechanism Material ABS Plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
DC Voltage Rating
DC Voltage 12V,24V
Ingress Protection Rating
IP Rating certificate yes
IP Rating IP66
Product Dimensions
Width 130mm
Length 120mm