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DURATECH 48W Temperature Controlled Soldering Station

$179.00 $199.00

Ideal station for the advanced hobby user. It features accurate analogue temperature adjustment, ceramic element and a lightweight pencil that will give you hours of fatigue-free soldering. The stand has spare tip storage and is very sturdy. Recommended for hobby use.

Soldering Station
Temperature display Analogue
Temp selection method Dial
Removable/Replacable Pencil yes
Analogue or Digital? Analogue
Soldering Iron
Soldering iron type Soldering Station
Soldering Power Rating 48W
Temperature 150°C-450°C
Temperature Regulated yes
Spare Tips Available yes
Alternate Tips Available yes
ESD Iron no
Lead free iron yes
Soldering Iron Tip
Type Conical
Size 0.5mm
Fitting on Iron Collar
Mains powered
Mains Voltage Range 240V
Product Dimensions
Length 150mm
Width 115mm
Height 92mm