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4kHz Audio Transducer


This electro-acoustic transducer contains no electronics making it a versatile component for electronics projects. Apply an AC voltage input to the wires and it will generate sound pressure waves based on the frequency. Connect the wires to a ciruit input and it will generate an AC voltage when stimulated with a sound pressure wave making an efficient knock or vibration sensor.

Supplied in a black plastic casing for easy mounting it can also be deconstructed to suit alternate applications. Without a doubt this is one of our most popular components for a multitude of electronics projects.

- Resonant frequency: 4kHz +/- 0.5kHz
- Electrostatic Capacitance: 25,000pf +/- 30%

Electromechanical Buzzer
Buzzer Type Piezo
Buzzer Frequency 4Hz
buzzer mount screw holes
Product Dimensions
Height 5mm
Diameter 30mm