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6-Way Speaker Selector with Internal Protection


This speaker selector box is perfect for anyone with a multi-room speaker system that they want to run from a master source. This selector box allows you to connect up to 6 pairs of speakers to your amplifier, and select any number of those pairs to play your music simultaneously.


• Solid metal construction
• Compatible with amplifiers up to 150 watts per channel.
• Internal Protection
• Terminals accept up to 14-gauge wire.
• Built-in protection circuit.

A/V Switcher or Converter
Input Connection Spring Terminals
Number of Outputs 6pc
Switcher/Converter Type Manual Switcher
Output Type Audio
Output Connection Spring Terminals
Input type Audio
Number of inputs 1pc
Product Dimensions
Width 285mm
Height 55mm
Depth 180mm
Warranty: 12 Months