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600W (1500W) 12VDC to 240VAC Modified Sinewave Inverter with USB

This mains inverter connects directly to a battery, allowing you access to power when you’re away from normal power sockets. It provides you with mains-charging for laptops, power tools, batteries, lighting, game consoles, and other medium-sized devices. It boasts all the safety features you need like overload and input reverse polarity protection, and connects directly to a battery via the supplied lead with alligator clips. 600W is plenty of power for many medium sized devices, while the 1500W surge power provides support for essential startup loads.

• Quick Charge USB port
• Includes battery leads
• Modernised design, portable and easy operation
• Surge Power:1500W
• Low Battery Alarm: 10.5±0.5V
• Low Battery Shutdown: 10.0±0.5V
• High Battery Shutdown: 15.5±1.0V
• DC Input Fuse : 2 x 30A
Standby Current 0.7A
Thermal Shutdown Temperature 60°C
Fuse Rating 60A
Output Wave Modified Sine Wave
Low Battery Shutdown 10V
Output Frequency 50Hz
High Battery Shutdown 15.5V
Includes USB Charge Port  
USB Current Rating 2.1A
AC Voltage Rating
AC Voltage rating 240V
Power Rating
Continuous Power 600W
Maximum Power 1500W
Vehicle or Vessel Powered
Required Voltage 10V-15V
Vehicle Connection Alligator Clips
Item Connection Screw Terminals
Product Dimensions
Width 230mm
Height 150mm
Depth 75mm
Weight 1.16kg
Warranty: 12 Months