75A Anderson Powerpole Connector Set

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These industry standard connectors are used in automotive, marine, aviation and mining applications and are used widely in industry. They are genderless which means that there is no separate plug and socket and can be easily stacked to make custom configurations. UL rated to 75A DC,The contact can be crimped with suitable dies but we recommend sweat soldering for non-production applications.

• Contact Wire Size:13.3mm2 (6AWG)
• Max Wire Insulation Diameter: 1.3 - 13.3mm
• Contact Retention Force: 9kgs (20lbs)
• Operating Temperature: -40 to +125°C
• Insertion Life (Cycles): 10,000 no load / 250 hot load (35A @ 12VDC)
• Flammability: UL94 V-O
Plug or Socket
Pack Quantity 1pc
Case Material Plastic
Attachment Method Crimp
Colour Coded Red and Black Pair
Plug or Socket Type Anderson 75A Single Pole
Contact Material Metal
Device Plug
Contacts / Pins 2pc
Operating Temperature
Operating Temperature 125°C

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