Anderson 35A SBS Mini Connector - Red

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These compact mini connectors can handle up to 600 volts continuous in AC or DC with current of 35A. The mechanical and colour coded keys protect against accidental cross mating of connectors.
These connectors also feature genderless housing that mates with itself for ease of assembly in the factory or the field. The touchsafe housing prevents accidental exposure to live circuits and these also have the ability to disconnect under load.
Supplied as a moduled 2 pole with contacts.


Contact Wire Size: 10 AWG
Max Wire Diameter: 4.0mm2


Plug or Socket
Pack Quantity 1pc
Case Material ABS Plastic (Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene)
Attachment Method Crimp
Colour Coded Red
Plug or Socket Type Anderson 35A 2 Pole
Contact Material Plated Metal
Cable Entry Diameter 4.65mm
Device Plug
Contacts / Pins 2pc
Locking Function Locking Screw
Product Mounting
Mounting Method Line
Attachment / Securing Method Integrated Clips
AC Voltage Rating
AC Voltage rating 600V
DC Voltage Rating
DC Voltage 600V
DC Current Rating
DC current rating 35A
Operating Temperature
Operating Temperature -20°C-105°C


Warranty: 12 Months

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