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Bathroom Accessory Set



Bathroom accessories sets are very much needed for everyone who owns bathroom at their house. This accessories set will make you easier when you want to collect things for your bathroom. The set is usually very complete so you will not have to worry about leaving anything behind.



– Material: PS Polystyrene 

– Soap dispenser: 7.5x17cm 

– Rinse cup: 7.5x11cm 

– Toothbrush Cup: 7.5×11.5cm 

– Soap dish : 13×9.5×2.5cm 

– Waste Bin: 19x32cm 

– Toilet Brush: 10x36cm 

Packing included: (1 Set) 

1 x 4 litre waste bin 

1 x Soap dish 

1 x Soap dispenser 

1 x Toothbrush holder 

1 x Rinse cup 

1 x Toilet brush and holder