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Digitech Bidirectional IR Extender over Cat5e - 100m


Control AV equipment remotely from either the source or receiver that are up to 100m apart.
You could, for example, change the media playing on a DVD player in another room whilst standing in front of the TV, or control the TV volume from the room with the media player.

Suitable for domestic and commercial applications including digital signage, demo stations or video conferencing etc, and features wide band IR circuitry to suit modern PayTV remote controls.

The kit includes two extenders with IR LED on a 3m lead, and a mains power adaptor. All you need is standard Cat5e UTP network cable.

• Bi-directional IR path
• 2 x IR emitter output connections
• Single power supply on either TX or RX unit
• Each device can be TX or RX

Product Dimensions
Length 75mm
Width 64mm
Height 29mm
Weight 28g
Additional Dimensions
Dimensions details IR lead
Cable length 3m
Power from Plugpack
DC Plugpack Voltage 12V
DC Current Draw 200A
Warranty: 12 Months