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Bluetooth® Speaker with Resonant Sound Enhancement

This is an ingenious improvement on a traditional Bluetooth speaker design. In addition to two quality speakers, it also integrates a resonator for massive sound. By sitting the speaker on a large wooden table, pane of glass, or just about any other surface, it transfers energy through the resonator into the object it’s sitting on. The result is a MASSIVE sound with richer bass and higher overall volume. There are some situations where you don’t want the resonator active however (eg. late at night), so you can switch between resonator, speaker and resonator, and speaker only audio modes. All the usual features of Bluetooth speakers are onboard, such as play/pause controls, track selection, and more. There’s an AUX input if you want to connect via cable, and the internal battery will keep the tunes playing for around 4-hours. 

- Bluetooth
- Output: 2 x 5W (Speaker) / 26W (Resonator)
- Input: 5VDC @ 1000mA
- Battery: Rechargeable Polymer 3.7V @ 3200mA
- AUX: 3.5mm Stereo Socket
Power from rechargeable battery
USB rechargeable yes
Run time 3hr-4hr
USB recharge time 3hr
Portable Speaker Attributes
Audio Line Input yes
Playtime 3hr-4hr
Product Dimensions
Width 91mm
Height 140mm
Weight 725g
Depth 88mm
Warranty: 12 Months