BNC to Cat5e/6 UTP AHD Video Balun Kit

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Extend the transmission distance of your CCTV cabling without the need for a video amplifier. The balun accepts all composite video signals such as AHD, TVI and CVI. To use the baluns, strip away your UTP Cat5 cable at the ends and use a stranded pair connecting one wire to the positive terminal and the other to the negative terminal. Note the colour of the wires used and repeat the process at the other end. This kit includes two baluns; one to act as the transmitter and the other the receiver. It is suitable for CCTV setups, multimedia presentations and video conferencing.


  •  No Power Required
  •  Push Pin Terminal Connection
  •  TVS Surge Protection
  •  60dB Crosstalk & Noise Immunity
  •  Camera Support: AHD, TVI, CVI, Analogue

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