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Boxing Sandbag 20KG Brand New



This boxing bag is the perfect way to develop your raw power. Whether it’s your uppercut, jab, cross, roundhouse or elbows you are working on, bag work is the time proven way to build maximum speed & power.

The texture of this bag has been designed for people using the correct techniques and is idolised in boxing for its protection against serious damage to the hands, wrists and knuckles of a closed fist. Also feet, knees and ankles used in kick boxing.

Because it’s ready to go straight out the box, you can easily hang it outside or inside using the D-Ring couplings. Naturally, it’s perfectly weighted so you can train for the street, club meet or all round fitness.

Why spend hundreds of dollars at the gym, or on expensive equipment? Simply put it outside and watch the kids develop their skill, fitness and confidence. It’s set up and ready to handle any type of training, whether it’s boxing, kick-boxing, karate, street fighting or muay thai.

Product Details
High quality canvas and leather boxing bags
Available in black
110cm (Height) x 30CM (Diameter)