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Brake Bleeder and Vacuum Pump


2 in 1 Brake Bleeder & vacuum pump tester tool kit 

DIY brake bleeder tool to minimize mess 

Suitable for home and business applications 

Designed for all vehicles 


– Hand Held Vacuum Pump Kit Brake Bleeder Tester Set 
– To test vacuum-related engine systems, such as emissions control, fuel, air conditioning and heating 
– Also works for bleeding brakes 
– Vacuum pump set hand held 
– Fitted most vehicles 
– Pressure Control Switch 
– Can read the pressure from gauge 
– Easy to carry with cases 


– Unfolded Product Dimensions(L W H): 18 cm x 2.8 cm x 24 cm 
– Package Dimensions: 37 cm x 25 cm x 8 cm 
– Net Weight: Approx. 1.05 kg 
– Gross Weight: Approx. 1.24 kg 

Package Content: 
1 x Brake vacuum pump/brake bleeder with gauge 
2 x Vacuum Hoses (24″) 
2 x Vacuum Hoses (3″) 
1 x Brake fluid reservoir 
1 x Carry case 
2 x Tapered Hose Adapters 
1 x “T” Hose connector 
1 x Straight Hose connector 
3 x different sizes Brake Bleeder valve adapters 
1 x Universal Cup adapters