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Butyl Based Sound Deadening Material


Give your vibrating buzz-box a luxury car ride with this butyl-based, foil backed sound deadening material. By adding weight to the metal panels of your car, such as door skins, boot lids, quarter panels, etc, you can stop nasty vibrations, reduce road noise, and give your doors and boot a nice solid thud when they shut. Each sheet is self-adhesive, and can be easily moulded, cut and stuck onto virtually any metal surface of your vehicle's body, giving you a pleasant, quiet and comfortable ride. Combine with our AX-3662 Sound Absorbing foam to add thermal insulation and eliminate low frequency humming from big exhaust systems for an even more comfortable vehicle interior.

Product Dimensions
Width 330mm
Depth 1.5mm
Weight 0.71kg
Length 900mm
Internal or Sub-part Dimensions
Dimension details Foil Thickness
Depth 0.095mm
Product Mounting
Mounting Method Self Adhesive
Attachment / Securing Method Self Adhesive Tape/Pad
Storage Temp Details
Storage Temperature -10°C-90°C