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Casserole Shallow Granite Line

$44.00 $64.00

Casserole Shallow Granite Line

-Suitable for Induction, Alimentary, Radiant, Gas and Electric cook top. -Pure grade aluminium 
-No harmful chemicals 
-Stylish Design 
-Highly Durable 
-Wooden style handle 
– Extremely Durable. 
– Easy to clean. 
– Energy saving. 
– Quick and even Heat distribution 

– Material: die-cast aluminium 
– Exterior treatment: silicon painting 
– Interior treatment: Granit coating 
– The world’s favourite Granit coating 
– Longer-lasting Granit coating 
– Higher quality for better value 
– Efforts food release 

Sold Individually!!

3 Different Sizes:

28cm W x 9cm Deep 

32cm W x 9cm Deep 

30cm W x 9cm Deep