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Chaffing Dish Food Warmer Round with Glass Lid- 4 Litre


Quality Stainless Steel Food Warmer Chaffing Dish with glass Lid. Suitable for buffet style food service in restaurants, cafe's, caterers, hotels or at home for outdoor eating, BBQ's or special occasions / parties.

FEATURES: High Quality, Stainless Steel 4 Litre Capacity 350ml Fuel Burner Lid Side Stand Holder 4 litre Food Serving Dish Stand with Carry Handles Glass Lid with Stainless Handle and Steam Vent

BASIC DIMENSIONS FOR FIRST PHOTO 4 Litre Overall : Height-29cm.
Outer Tray: Diameter- 32cm, deep-8cm
Inner Steel Hot Plate: Diameter- 31cm, deep-10cm.