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Chopping Board with 3pc Knife Set



This is a set of kitchen utensils consisting of a fruit knife, multipurpose knife, chef knife, and straw chopping board. It is a combination suit, which is lightweight, convenient and easy to use. The knives of this combination suit’ edge are sharp, the workmanship is fine and you can use them to cut fruits and vegetables easily. The cutter edge is of high-quality stainless steel, which makes it become high strength, corrosion-resistant and durable. The knife surface uses the environmental protection wheat slate spray painting technology, which makes it won’t fade or polluted, and you can feel at ease when you use it.

The staw chopping board is made up of healthy and natural straw materials that are environment-friendly and never release pollution. Besides, this material is made by heat pressing at high temperature, which makes the products more solid. What’s more, it can be degraded and cleaned easily, which makes the products no smell. Finally, the rich fiber combination makes the products tougher.

The set consists of:
1x Chopping board
1x Chef Knife
1x Fruit Knife
1x Multipurpose Knife
Colour: Gray & Creamy