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Clay water Purifiers Water cooler

Clay water Purifiers Water cooler

Product details of Clay water Purifiers Cooler - Water cooler and filter beautiful and practical

    Water Purifier Coolers byIt’s Only Natural
    Our water purifier coolers are the organic.
    simple and reliable way to filter your water
    A glass of pure, clean and cool water is available at just a turn of a tap
    wateras pure as cool as it is natural

Gives 100% nutrients of food. Maintains healthy lifestyle.
Advantages: Cook 100% healthy, 100% non-toxic food for you and your family with these beautiful unglazed clay pots.
      The clay used to make our cookware is tested to ensure it is 100% free from toxins like lead.

    It’s easy to clean! Just use hot water and a gentle non-abrasive cleaning pad.
    Don’t use metallic scouring pads.
    Don’t clean earthenware with a soap or detergent.
    Don’t clean your earthen cookware in dishwasher.
    Store your pot only after it is thoroughly dry.