Compact 2 x 20WRMS Stereo Amplifier

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A very compact stereo amplifier, delivering 20WRMS to each channel. It’s an ideal solution for powering speakers in an entertaining area, the garage, or anywhere you like. Gold placed RCA inputs are provided, with gold plated binding posts for speaker connections. A mains adaptor is included, but the 12-15VDC power requirement for the unit itself means it’s also suitable for use in a vehicle, or on a boat. A power switch and volume control knob on the front give you the control you need, with nothing you don’t.
- Compact Design
- Gold Plated Terminals
- Master Volume Control
- Amplifier Output: 2 x 20WRMS
- Audio Input: 2 x RCA Line Level
- Audio Output: Gold Plated Binding Posts
- Power: 12-15VDC (Mains Adaptor Included)
Product Dimensions
Width 92mm
Height 43mm
Weight 840g
Depth 150mm
Power from Plugpack (secondary)
DC Plugpack Voltage 12V
Warranty: 12 Months

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