Cookware Set 12 Piece

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– Made of high-quality stainless steel
– Thermal bottom with heat conduction
– Food gets warm quickly and maintains the temperature for a longer period.
– Suitable for all cooking sources: gas stoves, electric, ceramic halogen burners, and induction
– Healthy preparation of food. Cooking with little water and trying with little fat minimizes loss of vitamins, minerals and flavour.
– Practical pouring rim prevent dripping.
– Practical and attractive
– Food and fat practices do not collect in corners
– Easy to clean
– Dishwasher safe

The set consists of:
F16x10.5cm saucepan with lid: 2.1-liter capacity;
F16x10.5cm Casserole with lid: 2.1-liter capacity;
F18x11.5cm Casserole with lid: 2.9-liter capacity;
F20x12.5cm Casserole with lid: 3.9-liter capacity;
F24x14.5cm Casserole with lid: 6.6-liter capacity;
F24x7.5cm fry pan with lid dimensions: 3.4-litre capacity.

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