Cylinder Compression Gas Tester

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Pressure gauges are instruments used to measure the pressure of a gas or liquid inside a vessel and, often, to help ensure the optimal amount of pressure for a given application.


  1. Material: Alloy Steel & Plastics & Rubber
  2. Color: Black
  3. Dimensions: 21 x 26x 5.8)cm(L x W x H)
  4. Weight: 28.3oz / 800g
  5. Function: Compression Gauge Test Set for Engine Cylinders Diagnostic Tester
  6. Adapters for a Wide Number of Vehicles: Spark Plug Types/Depths
  7. Includes 1: 2 Rubber Cones Ends for Quick Check (No Need to Thread into Head)
  8. 3" Gauge has Dual Color Scale with 0-300 PSI, 0-20 kPa
  9. Fittings: M10, M12, M14, M18 (Male, With "O" Ring)
  10. Includes 2: 14mm and 18mm Spark Plug Adapters

Adapters Info: M10x1.0 Adapter M12x1.25 Adapter M14x1.25 Adapter M18x1.5 Adapter

Package Contents: 1 x Cylinder Pressure Gauge 1 x Long Pipe 2 x Metal Pipes 4 x Metal Adapetrs

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