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Dashboard Car Holder with Charging Cradle


Dashboard Car Holder with Charging Cradle

Remax Car Holder Mount Stand Charging Cradle Non Slip Mat Pad for iPhone Android 

Brand: REMAX 
Compatible Model:1 Cable with 2 Interfaces for Micro and iPhone 5S/6/PLUS 
Suitable for:3.5-6 inch Smartphone 
Material:Silicone + Plastic 
Charging Current:2A 
Charging Voltage:5V 
Color: Black 

1. Innovative adsorption, strong adsorption and uses it more convenient. 
2. This car holder is compatible with micro USB and iphone 5s/6/plus. 
3. Real phone navigation companion. 
4. An multi-purpose, wide application. Shockproof, Anti Shake. 
5. Single hand operation, drive safer and not occupy space. 
6. Cool fashion sense of style, hands-free, car phone correct answer. 
Package Included: 

1x REMAX Car Charging Stand,dual charger cable for Iphone and Samsung