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Disco LED Wireless Bluetooth Speaker



Disco LED Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

The speaker connects wirelessly to your phone, tablet or other bluetooth enabled device.

Once connected, you can play your favorite tunes and the speaker will pulse its colored lights to the beat of your music and project beautiful patterns onto your walls! 

The internal battery can be charged with the included USB cable, and you can also plug-and-play music via the included AUX cable. 

The powerful sound and funky lights of this speaker make the Disco Ball Wireless Bluetooth Speaker perfect for parties and it comes beautifully gift boxed, making this a great gift for music-loving teens. 

LED Display 
Connectivity:Bluetooth, USB 
Battery: 5 hrs 
Battery Charge Time : 2-5 hours 
Support USB/SD Card Reader 
Support MP3 
Imput: DC 5V 
Output Power 3 W x 2 speakers 
With LED Lights 
Connect to phone 
Support FM radio 

Size: 22cm High,9.5cm Wide 

Model: M-292 

Compatible with : 
iPhone, iPad, Computer , laptop, Tablet, , Samsung, HTC, Nokia, Smartphone…