Dual Wireless UHF Microphone System

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This system is a great way to add wireless microphones to any PA system. It provides XLR and 1/4” unbalanced outputs for use in any audio desk. The microphones themselves have a power switch, low battery indicator, and a classic metal-mesh pickup cage. Ideal for schools, churches, weddings, gyms, karaoke etc.

- UHF Wireless
- Works with all PA Systems
- Pick Up:  Dynamic
Product Dimensions
Height 40mm
Depth 108mm
Length 175mm
Additional Dimensions
Length 175mm
Height 40mm
Depth 108mm
Dimensions details Microphone
Dimension for Other (details below)
Wireless Microphone
Channel B Carrier Frequency 645.9MHz
Microphone Channels 2ch
Channel A Carrier Frequency 525.1MHz
Wireless Transmission
Transmission range 60m
Power from disposable battery
Size / Shape AA
Battery quantity 2pc
Warranty: 12 Months

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