Engineers Ruler - 25cm with Scale

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A multifunction ruler for the electronics designer that includes several relevant charts and diagrams like angle gauges, IC pin spacing tables and chip resistor/capacitor package sizes. Gold plated printing on genuine circuit board material will ensure a long life. It also functions as a regular ruler!

- R-4 Gold Plated
- Angle Gauge
- IC Spacing Tables
- SMD Resistor/Capacitor Sizes
- Drill Diameter Reference
Internal or Sub-part Dimensions
Length 250mm
Dimension details Metric Scale Length
Additional Dimensions
Length 7in
Dimensions details Imperial Scale Length
Hand Tool
Hand tool composition Gold Plated
Tool Type Ruler
Product Dimensions
Depth 1.75mm
Length 260mm
Dimension details Total Dimensions
Weight 23g
Width 30mm

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