FESSLE Marble cookware set 3pcs

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This non-stick fry pan is a extremely scratch resistant and durable excellent marble coating easy to clean POFA-free.

What’s the marble coating?
Marble performance of the all-natural coating has been further enhanced by adding natural minerals that improves the marble function of the coating..The coating also has high durability and heat conductivity making it ideal for healthy food preparation.

Product Features;
Manufactured with all-natural ingredients, marble coating is free of PFOA.
Natural minerals that have been added to the coating further enhance its marble function allowing healthier cooking without food sticking to the cookware.
Highly durable Ecolon Pro coating on both the in/exterior of the cookware makes it easy to clean even after repeated use.
By having integrated handles can be used directly on the stovetop and in the oven.
Dishwasher safe and easy to clean with small amount of Detergent.
Brings vibrant colour to your kitchen.
Non-reactive to acid and alkaline food.

Package contains:
3 different sized Fry Pans
Creamy Fry Pan = 20cm
Brown Fry Pan = 24cm
Black Fry Pan = 28cm

Product Code: 2960

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