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Fuel Vacuum And Fuel Pump Pressure Tester Gauge Kit Carburettor Valve


Diagnose improper timing, burned or stuck valves, leaking manifolds, improper fuel mixture, stocking choke and many more

Suitable for use on most vehicles. Can be used to diagnose; Spark misfires Poor engine compression Weak / rich mixture Ignition over advanced / retarded. Inlet manifold and carburettor air leaks Incorrect valve timing Poor fuel economy Balancing carburettors Turbo boost gauge Fuel pump testing

Package Includes:

Vacuum / Pressure Gauge Rubber Hose: 13/64" (ID), 23/64" (OD) x 24" Plastic Connector Adapter: 1/4"-18 (male) x 1/8"-27 (female) Adapter: 1/8"-27 (male) x 7/32" (barbed) Adapter: 1/8"-27 (female) x 3/8" (male)