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Generator Inverter Pure Sine Wave 2.1kVA


Generator Inverter Pure Sine Wave 2.1kVA

Contains pure sine wave inverter technology making it safe to power all of your sensitive electronic devices. 
SE2000i is equipped with wheels and drawers on the side to provide customers with unprecedented convenience, the suitcase design can give a “zero gravity” experience when you move it. 

With our innovative fuel control system. SE2000i can be put down without fuel and oil leakage, It makes the transport safer. 
SE2000i built-in Gen-mate intelligent wireless monitoring system, it allows users to monitor and troubleshoot via their smartphone in real time. Gen-mate system can also remind the user when need to refuel or maintain. 

From camping trips, vehicles and yachts backup power, to outdoor projects. emergency power, or even disaster relief. 

Product advantages: 

• Unprecedented portability the safety. 
• Monitor and manage unit with the APP on your smartphone. 
• Strong green power. 
• Reliable electronic control system. 
• Excellent environment adaptability. 
• Super quiet. 
• PARALLEL function for twin units. 
• Electric start 


Type: 4-stroke gasoline OHV 
Cooling System: Forced air 
Cylinder Arrangement: Inclined, single cylinder 
Displacement: 79cm3 
Engine Speed: 3000 to 5000rpm (with ECO ON) 
Operation Hours: 3.5Hr@rated load/ 8Hr@ 1/4 rated load. 
Fuel: Unleaded gasoline 
Fuel Tank Capacity: 4.2L 
Engine Oil Capacity: 0.35L 
Ignition System: CDI 
Spark Plug: A5RTC 
Noise Level @ From 4m Sound Poer Level 92dBA 
Type: pure-sine wave 
Rated-voltage: 240V 
Rated frequency: 50Hz 
Rated Output: 1.8kVA 
Maximum Output 2.1kVA 
USB Port 

Over-all Lenght: 530mm 
Over-all Wight: 320mm 
Overall Height 430mm 
Dry Weight: 24kg