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Generator Portable Solar Power 1KW


Generator Portable Solar Power 1KW

Portable solar power DP series is a smart power station, built-in intelligent control system, users can start and shutdown the generator through the APP when not far away. 
This series is very stable and reliable and it is your ideal choice, perfectly suited for many applications, such as camping, recreational vehicle, marine applications (boats and yachts), you have the power to back up your life in any situation. With no fuel, exhaust or noise, just enjoy unlimited power from the wall or the sun, from USB to AC, DP Series features the outputs you need to get the job done both indoors and out. It is ideal for lights, Smartphone, tablets, Laptops, Fridge, TV backup, Emergency, Power tools and Medical, etc. it can help you easily get rid of power grid constraints, enjoying freedoms of electricity. 

Product advantages: 
• High safety level 
• The intelligent control and monitor by smartphone APP 
• Unprecedented portability 
• Strong power battery with large capacity 
• Reliable power control system 
• Muti-protection system 
• Various charging methods 
• Superior output capability 
• Excellent environment adaptability 
• Type: pure-sine wave 

Rated Power: 1000W 
Peak Power: 2000W 
Battery Type: GEL Lead-Acid 
Battery Capacity: 960Wh, 80Ah (12V) 
AC OUTPUT – Rated Voltage: 120/240V 
Rated Frequency: 50Hz 
DC OUTPUT – Anderson SB50: 12V/33A 
Cigarette Light: 12V/10A 
6mm Port: 12V/6A 
USB: 5V/2A/1A 
START CAR- Power Poles: 12V/500A 
DC INPUT: Solar Charging MPPT Control System 12-70W 
Car Charging/8mm Port: 12-29v 
Chaining Input- Anderson SB120: 12V/120A 

Dimensions: 530mm×320mm×430mm 
Weight: 45kg 

Recommended Solar Panel: 120W 

Colour Avaliable: Green 

12 Month Warranty