Grey Vented ABS Enclosure 60 x 60 x 20mm

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A range of vented ABS enclosures to protect your project from unwanted fingers or objects making contact with your electronics, but still allowing for airflow (or moisture for environment sensor applications). The enclosures are moulded from grey ABS plastic and have a satin textured finish. Four moulded standoffs hold your circuit board in place (screws not included - use #2 x 3/16” or similar), and slots in the base makes it easy to wall-mount the enclosure. Wiring can be easily passed through by knocking out a small round section in its base with a screwdriver. The snap-fit assembly makes it easy to close or open the enclosure without the need for tools. 

• ABS plastic with UL94-HB rating
• Satin texture finish
• Designed to meet IP30
• Grey in colour

Product colour
Colour Grey
Outer Material
Make of outer material ABS
Product Dimensions
Depth 20mm
Length 60mm
Width 60mm

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