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Great value and an ultra sturdy guitar stand! This guitar stand is suitable for both acoustic and electric guitars of most shapes and sizes – perfect on stage, in the studio or at home. 

Therefore, if you are a guitar lover and want to prevent your guitars or bass getting damaged or scratched lying around, then grab this stand. This prevents your guitars from getting damaged with this lightweight compact guitar stand. It makes sure that the guitar doesn’t lie around any more and therefore it is ensured that the instrument is not bumped around. 

This deluxe multi guitar stand is a very strong and sturdy tubular guitar stand that can easily hold up to 3 guitars. 

* Material: Steel 
* Material of peg holders:soft neoprene rubber tubing 
* Multiple standard for 3 acoustic guitars 
* Collapsible 
* Foam covering 
* Rubber bumpers 
* Stand approx. 61.5 x 42 cm 
* Colour black 

Package includes: 

* 1x guitars stand for 3pcs 

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