Hand Protection Lotion 59ml Squeeze Bottle

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A unique lotion to keep your hands clean while you are at work. It protects your hands and body parts from dirt, grease, hazardous chemicals and harsh contaminants. The anti-static property of this lotion safely fritters away and prevents ESD (electrostatic discharge) buildup. Ideal for when soldering or working on ESD sensitive components or applications.

Using ther lotion is easy; just wash your hands with soap and water and then apply a small amount of Hand Protection Lotion to your hands, rub until fully absorbed into the skin and wash your hands again with soap and water.

This clever hand lotion is the right choice when performing mechanical, motor, home and garden, electrical and industrial jobs.

•    Antistatic properties
•    Moisturises skin
•    Non-Greasy
•    Does not impair grip

Product Dimensions
Volume 59ml
Warranty: 3 Months

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