Ingco Vehicle Air Compressor

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Lightweight and portable as to fit easily into your vehicle, this Ingco Air Compressor is the perfect piece of equipment to keep your tyres inflated on the go. Powered by a 12v DC power supply, this compressor is rated for a current of 10A and operates to a maximum pressure of 10bar. With a maximum airflow of 35 litres per minute, this compressor also features a 1.5 metre polyurethane hose with a brass quick-release adaptor. This setup also includes a lighter cable, battery cable, and three nozzles of various sizes.

Includes: lighter cable, battery cable, 3 x nozzles.

Weight 1Kg
Power Supply DC 12V
Rated Current 10A
Maximum Pressure 10bar
Maximum Air Flow 35L/min
Hose Length 1.5M


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