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Jet Scooter 3 Wheeler


Amazing new generation kids red lighting paint scooter with imitation of fog and fire,

Easy to Store; Foldable Scooter with a push of a button.

This kids scooter features with the easy rear brake system for a speedy stop.

Coolest Eva high quality led wheels (not plastic) for smooth rides and comfortable rides and high-quality bearings reduce vibration.

Step on deck and hop on the button to activate music and amazing lights with “fire”.


  • Jet Scooter
  • Led Lights
  • Music
  • Foldable and Easy Storage
  • High-Quality Rubber Wheel
  • Material: Aluminium and Plastic
  • Colour: Blue
  • Height Adjustable: 59cm - 65cm
  • Size: 63cm x 28cm x 27cm