Kettle Charcoal BBQ / Grill 22″

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Easy to use & perfect grilling condition: heavy-duty durable plated steel Charcoal cooking grate design withstands the heat of any charcoal fire for direct or indirect grilling with this charcoal grate. Large cooking surface for your grilling and you don’t have to worry about the cooking grate Sliding one side. The additional warming rack is great for keeping the roasted food warm and without hassle to carry the plate while cooking.

Easy to clean & transport: The hinge connecting the bowl and lid provides locking safety buckle without hassle to lift it yourself or Place by the side of the grill. The big ash receiver with an adjustable airflow control bar provides a one-touch cleaning system without hassle to clean It too frequently. Besides of this, with the durable wheels and the two thick pre-roll handles, you could just enjoy your grilling and transport your barbeque grill easily by pulling the handles directly.

Durable enamel outer
Air vent for better temperature control
Chrome cooking grid
Bottom rack for extra storage
Wheels for easy transportation
Convenient ash catcher

Product size: 65x57x87cm
Cooking Grid attached to Lid: 42x 29cm(LxW) (Chromeplate)
Cooking height: 87cm
Cooking grid: 55x55cm (Chromeplate)
Charcoal grid: 38x38cm (Galvanized)
Lid: 58x58x19cm (normal black enamel)
Firebowl: 57x57x20cm (normal black enamel)

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