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Kettle Grill BBQ with ash catcher 57cm / 22.5 inch

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Kettle Grill BBQ with ash catcher 57cm / 22.5 inch

This is a decent-sized BBQ grill. Enough cooking space for a big party. Comes with convenient racks, wheels for easy going around, an air vent and a thermometer. Enjoy the sound of crackling charcoal or briquettes and the smell of rich smoke.


Very large 57cm diameter Wheels for easy push around Storage rack and bottom Extra rack at the top for keeping cooked meat warm Thermometer at the cover Air vent at the cover Easy removal and clean ash catcher


Upper cover size: 58CM * 16CM * 0.6MM

The size of the bottom cover: 57.5CM * 25CM * 0.8MM

Surface treatment: All black bright enamel

Cooking height: 68CM

Cooking Grid size: 54CM * 4MM * 3MM (chrome-plated)

Charcoal Grid size: 390MM * 3.5MM * 2.5MM (chrome plated)

Air cash: 215MM * 130MM * 0.6MM