LCD Alarm Controller to Suit Home Automation Systems

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A powerful controller with built-in 16 wireless alarm zones and 16 wireless home automation control. Easily interfaces with a wide range of wireless security devices such as a PIR motion detectors, magnetic reed switches, light sensors and remote key fobs to protect your home and property. It also controls home automation devices such as mains 240V switcher module, 12V switcher module, light dimmer controller module, infrared controller and a wireless external bell box.

With the built in timer schedule programming, you are able to turn device(s) on or off automatically. E.g. Turn your lights on with the LA-5594 240V mains controller; turn your television or air conditioner with the LA-5597 Infrared controller at a specific time of the day or night.

Group programming is a handy feature for day to day activities. This allows you to turn up to a 5 output devices at once. Imagine coming home from work and opening your garage with the LA-5155 key fob remote control and the lights to your garage and living room, the television and air conditioner all turn at the same time. All you have to do is sit in your favourite couch and enjoy that ice cold beverage.

The Matrix or Scenes programming is a very powerful feature. It enables you to program wireless sensors to turn home automation device controllers on or off. Program the LA-5157 infrared sensor to turn a light on when activated. Set your LA-5598 light sensor module to open your curtains in the morning. The possibilities are endless and are limited to your imagination.

Main controller comes with a 240VAC power adaptor with a provision for a 9V battery (not included) back for memory.

•    Voltage input: 12VDC
•    Wireless Range: 100m line of sight
•    Wireless Frequency: 433MHz
Power Source Details
DC Voltage 12V
Warranty: 12 Months

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