Machined Brass Busbar (8 way)

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These are usually used to give an electrically common point for each wiring but are also useful for low voltage tie points, especially on boats or RV's, Caravans etc., 6 holes accept up to a 4.5mm wire bundle and the outer 2 a 6.0 bundle. The Busbar has insulated standoffs at each end, which can be removed so that the assembly can be screwed directly to a chassis. The standoffs have a conservative insulation rating of 1000V.

• All screws M4.0 Brass bar 9.0 x 6.0

Product Dimensions
Length 100mm
Additional Dimensions
Dimension for Other (details below)
Length 65mm
Dimensions details Without Standoffs
Product Mounting
Mount Screw Size 4.5mm-6mm

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