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Maxi Trac 47 Piece Tyre Repair Kit - MTTRKS4

$39.00 $59.00
The Maxi Trac Tyre Repair Kit includes all the tools you need to confidently make a repair to your tyre or valve so you will be back on the road or track in no time. Encased in a strong and sturdy blow-moulded case, it is a great size to always keep stored in the back of your car and is an essential piece of kit for any 4WD enthusiast.

Includes all the necessary tools for emergency temporary off-road repairs
100mm long vulcanising plugs
Includes compact durable high visibility orange blow mould case
Kit includes: 1x storage case, 1x T-handle needle, 1x replacement needle, 1x T-handheld tyre reamer
20x quick seal strips, 1x lubricating oil, 1x allen key, 1x valve tool, 3x valve housings
4x valve cores, 4x valve caps, 1x small knife, 6x repair patches, 1x rubber cement and 1x scrap tool