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Looking for a super-tasty, high-protein, low-calorie dessert? Muscle Nation Custard Casein protein is the perfect late-night treat to help nourish your muscles and keep you feeling fuller for longer - plus, it tastes so delicious, you'll forget it's good for you!

Brought to you by the ultra-cool health and fitness brand Muscle Nation

 - Custard Casein protein is your go-to snack when craving something sweet and tasty.

Casein protein has a super-slow digestion rate, so it's best taken before bed as it provides the body with a sustained release of protein whilst you sleep (clever, huh?).

This unique custard protein formula is low-fat and low-carb, with added ingredients to support gut health and digestion. Each serving contains MCT oil powder and fibre, both full of antioxidants that work to boost the good bacteria in your gut and help keep you feeling satiated throughout the day.

Key benefits of Muscle Nation Casein Custard

  • Gluten-free (excluding Cookies & Cream and Golden Ice Cream flavour)
  • Non-GMO, so it's better for you and the environment
  • Packed with 27g protein per serve for increased muscle growth and strength
  • 7g of BCAAs for reduced muscle fatigue and soreness
  • Experience reduced muscle breakdown and boosted immunity with 7g glutamine per serve
  • Ease your digestion troubles with 3g fibre
  • MCT oil powder will keep you feeling fuller for longer and reduce any pesky cravings
  • Made with none of the nasties (zero gums, creamers or fillers).

This stuff comes in all sorts of mouth-watering flavours like Banana-Choc, Choc-Hazelnut, Coconut-Caramel, Strawberry Cheesecake, with real cookies pieces, marshmallow pieces and honeycomb - yum!

Substitute your usual late-night dessert with Muscle Nation Custard Casein and indulge your cravings whilst reaping the immunity, gut-health and performance benefits - um, need we say more!?

Grab yourself a tub of Muscle Nation Custard Casein today and say bye-bye to stomach discomfort and sugar cravings and say hello to boosted immunity, healthy bowel movements reduced blood sugar levels, increased muscle mass and muscle repair.

Directions for use

Mix 100ml of cold water or milk with 2 scoops of Muscle Nation Custard Casein (40 grams). Continue to stir gently until all powder is dissolved. If you prefer a thinner consistency to your custard protein slowly add more liquid to the mixture until satisfied.

Mixing tips: Pop your ready-made protein custard in the fridge for a few hours beforehand and enjoy chilled. Alternatively, microwave your Custard Casein for 30 seconds and enjoy as a warm protein pudding!

It contains 25 serves in total (50 scoops).

What is casein protein?

Casein makes up about 80% of the protein found in dairy-based milk. Casein protein has a similar nutritional profile to whey protein; however, what makes them distinctly different from one another - is how the body digests them.

Now, the body works to separate protein into these things called amino acids. These little guys float around your bloodstream until they're used up in all sorts of biological processes and reactions.

However, when you digest casein protein, it begins to thicken and clot in the stomach - which might sound gross; however, it's beneficial for athletes and bodybuilders, as it keeps the body fuelled for much longer than any other form of protein. It can take anywhere from 6-8 hours for the amino acids in casein protein to fully break down (compared to whey protein, usually undetectable after about 2 hours).

This makes casein ideal to consume before going to sleep, as it'll help nourish the muscles and provide a steady release of amino acids whilst you're in a fasted state or a period without eating (anything longer than three hours).

We don't recommend consuming Muscle Nation Custard Casein is a post-workout supplement - due to its slow-digesting nature, it won't provide you with the immediate boost of amino acids you'll need for recovery (it's best to stick to whey protein for this purpose - but having both in your arsenal is a knockout combo!).

How is casein protein made?

Both whey and casein are byproducts of the cheese-making process. During this process, milk is heated, which creates a curdling effect - separating the liquids (whey) from the curds (casein). The curds then clump together and rise to the top.

Most of the time, the curds are turned into cheese. However, when making casein protein, the curds are skimmed and dehydrated to be turned into a powder and sold as a dietary supplement.

Muscle Nation Custard Casein contains casein protein sourced from New Zealand, as we're world-renowned for producing super high-quality dairy products (so, if you choose to buy this product - you're also choosing to support NZ-based dairy farmers - bonus!?).

Is casein protein good for weight loss?

Many studies have found that taking a casein supplement before bed can encourage fat loss. The slow-digestion rate of casein may help to boost your metabolism whilst you sleep by encouraging the body to burn fat, as long as you're sticking to an exercise plan.

Research shows that casein may lower the bodies insulin response to certain foods. Insulin is an important hormone produced by the pancreas, which controls how your body processes the sugar in food. High levels of insulin can cause all sorts of issues in the body, such as obesity and heart disease.

Casein also helps you stay satiated - resulting in reduced cravings and hunger pains throughout the day. Yeah, that's right, indulging in a bowl of Muscle Casein Custard each night will help you steer clear from the traditional high-fat, high-sugar snacks we find it so hard to resist - bonus!?

The gel-like texture of casein is also excellent for thickening smoothies and shakes. Plus, casein protein can be taken as a meal replacement when combined with other ingredients such as fruit or nut butter, and you can incorporate it in baking such as pancakes, brownie batter or overnight oats.

Is casein protein good for muscle growth?

First of all, Casein Custard is super high in protein - with 27 grams of protein per serving, you're guaranteed the gains you've been working so damn hard for. Consuming an adequate amount of protein in your diet can be difficult. But, it's super necessary when trying to achieve muscle protein synthesis (the process which makes your muscles get stronger and grow bigger!).

Casein Custard is an easy, tasty treat that can help you boost your daily intake of protein whilst helping to increase your calorie intake - plus it's a pleasant change from your usual protein shakes (which we know can get a bit boring to have day-in, day-out!).

Oh, and did we mention, casein protein has what's called anti-catabolic properties. This means it physically prevents the body from breaking down muscle mass... pretty crazy, huh?

Incorporating Casein Custard in your diet will help you smash your fitness goals by protecting lean muscle and reducing the risk of muscle break down, by ensuring the body doesn't burn muscle whilst sleeping or enduring a period of fasting - 'cause if you're serious about training - the thought of any hard-earned progress going to waste is pretty terrifying.

Muscle Nation

Muscle Nation was first established in 2016, starting as a shared dream between two mates. The brand quickly became a cult classic in the health and fitness industry in Australia. Although Muscle Nation remains family-owned and operated - they're now an internationally recognised and respected brand with an incredibly loyal and dedicated customer base. From supplements to activewear - Muscle Nation's got you covered in all areas of health and fitness.

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